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Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms | Full Dose Capsules | 500mg

(16 customer reviews)


The Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushroom) is the most well know Micro-dosed Shrooms. Expand your Micro-dosing Journey with 500mg Golden Teacher capsules today!

    • 500mg of Organic Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms
      (Psilocybe Cubensis) in each capsule
    • 20 or 50 or 100 Capsules per package

Just starting your journey? Try our 100mg Golden Teacher Microdose Capsules



The Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushrooms) are the most well know and consumed mushroom of the Psilocybe Cubensis varieties.

The psychedelic journey of these mushrooms is known to have a profound impact including visual distortions, enhanced colours, lightness or giddiness, and powerful emotions. People also report feeling euphoric, spiritually in-tune, and perceptive when taking Golden Teacher mushrooms. Perfect for the beginner and microdosing.

Dosage Calculator

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As a general rule, a typical micro-dose is anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of a normal dose. For example, a typical dose of mushrooms is one to one and a half grams. A microdose would be anywhere from 50 to 150 milligrams.

Product Details

  • 500mg of Organic Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis) in each capsule
  • 20 or 50 or 100 Capsules per package
Just starting your journey? Try our 100mg Golden Teacher Microdose Capsules

Golden Teacher Micro-dose Effects

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms have an extremely calming effect. You’ll notice that these incredible mushies have relaxing properties that still your mind and body. Although Golden Teachers don’t have strong visuals, there is a distinctly spiritual component to them.

Where did Micro-dosing Become Popular?

Mushroom Microdose started out as a “productivity hack” among the Silicon Valley elite, but is now turning into a culture that’s hard to ignore. Microdosing shrooms can help improve your outlook on life and make you more energized, focused, creative, and productive. Microdosing is an increasingly popular technique to tap into the significant benefits of Magic Mushrooms and is used by lots of people including professionals, college professors, doctors, and even moms.

Benefits of Microdosing

  • improved focus, concentration, and mindfulness
  • improved energy, wakefulness, and stimulation
  • cognitive benefits, such as enhanced problem solving
  • social benefits
  • reduced anxiety
  • creativity
  • reduced symptoms, such as stress
  • improved mood, optimism, and life appreciation
  • improved body functioning
  • self-efficacy, including improved ambition, productivity, and motivation

How much is a Microdose?

A microdose would be anywhere from 50 to 150mg 1-2 times a day 2-5 days per week

What is Micro-dosing?

Micro-dosing means taking a minuscule/non-intoxicating dose to achieve the benefits to health. It is the administration of doses so low that they will not provide a full-body effect but high enough for a cellular response and positive change.

Who is Micro-dosing?

it’s become the favoured technique of those looking to tap the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics to treat depression and anxiety—or just to increase creativity or your happiness quotient, but without the extreme high.

How to Microdose

There are a few proven and well used by many methods for microdosing. If this is your first time consuming any type of psychedelic start off with Dr. Fadiman’s approach. After experimenting if you desire more effect try the workaholic’s approach. Dr. Fadiman’s Approach (1 microdose every 3 days) Dr. Fadiman recommends taking one microdose every 3 days to prevent changes of tolerance over time. Take 1 microdose pill each morning with breakfast on the indicated days below.
  • Week 1: Mon/Thu/Sun
  • Week 2: Wed/Sat
  • Week 3: Tues/Fri
  • Week 4: Mon/Thu/Sun
Workaholic’s Approach This plan is geared towards individuals looking for high performance at work and creative fields. We recommend this approach to be used after having tried Dr. Fadiman’s approach. This method requires a daily microdose during the week and weekends are left open for recovery to baseline, in case of changes in effect over time. Take 1 microdose pill each morning with breakfast on the indicated days below.
  • Week 1: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri
  • Week 2: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri
  • Week 3: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri
  • Week 4: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri
Balanced Microdose Approach If you find that Dr. Fadiman’s approach is not providing the desired effects, try this method. Similar to Dr. Fadiman’s approach but instead of every 3 days, microdose every other day. Microdoses are taken 3-4 times per week. Take 1 microdose pill each morning with breakfast on the indicated days below.
  • Week 1: Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun
  • Week 2: Tue/Thu/Sat
  • Week 3: Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun
  • Week 4: Tue/Thu/Sat


Do not mix magic mushroom products with alcohol or other anti-depression medication (SSRI) as it dulls the experience or blocks it completely.

Product Storage

Keep product stored at room or cool temperature in a dry environment away from direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

16 reviews for Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms | Full Dose Capsules | 500mg

  1. Andrea

    I love these full dose caps. I HATE eating mushrooms whole (they gross me out) but eaying 1-2 of these feels no different than taking my vitamins but a whole lot more fun when they kick in!

  2. Redempter

    Great for people who hate the taste of whole mushrooms!

  3. Nick Smelser

    Very good product, has made my life change for the better, the capsules makes it a lot easier to micro-dose, for those wanting to treat adhd and stress/anxiety mental issues

  4. Wesly Job-joazard

    Great way to intake mushroom. Eating can be a little discussing and so it make it allot easier to dose. I do find myself needing to take 2 to get the feeling i am looking for but nonetheless it is a great product and i am satisfied

  5. Luqman Abdulkarim

    The golden teacher microdose capsules as 500 mg were amazing!!!! I took 1 every 3rd day and it was quite the protocol. I felt I didn’t build up tolerance and was able to have the full effect for the entire day I was on and still had residual feelings on the off days of the schedule. I’m ordering again right now lol

  6. Frank Pacheco

    Wow, the service was superfast, and I have enjoyed the product so far, and I will be ordering again, I actually have my shopping cart filled with orders

  7. Andrew Preedy

    Golden teacher is very self reflective high, found very useful for high anxiety treatment.

  8. Brett Vanderstarren

    Very happy and giggly high. Great service!

  9. sbjr

    Enjoyed them! A more calm, earthy and laid back vibe than penis envy. I’d recommend either one, depending on the mood you’re looking for. I’m liking the capsules as well. Although I can stomach whole mushrooms, it can sometimes be a bit of a chore, while this is quick and easy!

  10. S E

    Favorite strain that I’ve tried so far 👍

  11. Kimberly Mercer

    as advertised…nice warm feeling

  12. Saad slaitane

    Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such good service, fast delivery, a small gift with my order, quick response by email, and most importantly a product that is worth more than its money, Very happy customer =)

  13. Joseph Verdugo

    I bought these bad boys for a halloween party, took about 5 capsules and I thought I was haunted. 10/10 would recommend. Delivery was 48 hours. Discretely packaged and came with coupon codes for my next order.

  14. Donald Arsenault

    good caps for the price, will probably buy again

  15. Alexandre-Guy Methot

    These were awesome will probably get them again 👍

  16. John

    Ordered these capsules last year. The shipping was discreet and fast.
    Capsules made it easy to dose and without the need to chew potentially unpleasant mushroom. The Golden Teacher strain is the best for a beginner or someone looking for medicinal properties of Psilocybin.
    A free 250mg bag of mushroom tea was a pleasant surprise.

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