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Magic Mushies Popcorn | 1000mg


How amazing is that?!!



Magic Mushies Popcorn – 1000mg

  • Make popcorn in the microwave as per instructions then immediately season with Popcorn Seasoning.
  • Shake Well Before Using
  • Each Pack Contains 1000mg of magic mushrooms

Zesty Nacho Cheese Popcorn Seasoning Ingredients:

Modified milk ingredients, maltodextrin, sunflower oil, corn starch, cheddar cheese, sodium phosphates, silicon dioxide, autolyzed yeast extract, citric acid, tartrazine, sunset yellow FCF, spices and herbs including oregano, onion, garlic, green pepper, red pepper, jalapeno pepper, salt, fructose, high olec sunflower oil, dextrose, calcium silicate.

White Cheddar & Herbs Popcorn Seasoning Ingredients:

Ingredients: Modified milk ingredients, sugars, palm oil, salt, natural flavour, cheddar cheese, disodium inosimate, disodium guanylate, silicon dioxide, sodium phosphate, artificial flavour, sunflower, oil , lactic acid, calcium lactate, citric acid


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