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Albino Penis Envy (APE) is a very unique strain of Psilocybe Cubensis. This mushroom is a hybrid of the infamous Penis Envy, and Albino PF, and is extremely potent. They are recommended for intermediate and experienced users.

Very High Potency Limited Quantity

Dosage Recommendations

  • Mild Experience: .5 Grams
  • Medium Experience: 1-2 Grams
  • Intense Experience: 2-5 Grams


 APE is a pale-capped sub-variety of Penis Envy, reputedly one of the most powerful varieties of P. cubensis—and rumored to have been discovered in South America by well-known author, Terrence McKenna. It can be difficult to grow and is therefore rare, but ape is popular among those entheogen users who can get it.The Albino Penis Envy shroom is extremely potent. This is caused by a few things. First, the Albino takes longer than other species in the Psilocybe Cubensis family to grow. This longer growth period ultimately translates to more production of the hallucinogenic compound of psilocybin. Secondly, the albinism in this species of shrooms causes a higher level of potency.These shrooms cause many of the same effects that other trippy shrooms cause. The overall trip will take place in four different stages: ingestion, the onset of the trip, the trip, and the comedown. Although most magic mushrooms cause these four main stages, the duration of each stage is strongly correlated to the type of mushroom and how much is ingested.This strain may cause many positive effects such as beautiful visual hallucinations, enhanced mood, and creativity, decreased levels of stress, increased appreciation for art and music, a sense of overall content and happiness, introspection, and more. They will likely also cause some physiological effects such as pupil dilation, a change in heart rate and blood pressure, and more. Although these effects are prevalent among almost all species of magic mushrooms, it typically takes a much smaller dose for them to be experienced with these mushrooms since it is an especially potent strain.This strain may also cause some negative side effects that include headache, dizziness, nausea, inability to control motor functions, trouble focusing on cognitive tasks, disorientation, and confusion, etc.

5 reviews for APE | Magic Mushrooms | AAAA

  1. Nathan Crozier

    Outstanding, did 2.5g and tripped like I’ve never tripped before, so vivid in hearing colors and I now know what they mean by seeing sounds.

  2. Chronic555

    My girlfriend and I each had a 1/4 oz. We tried the lemon tek method which I was impressed with. I was hoping for a better trip for the price. Still good trip.

  3. EzRider17

    Ordered 7 g’s… came swiftly and discreetly. Well packaged with the contents intact 😁😁Would and will order again

  4. Emoney38

    They weren’t albinos for sure but I guess that’s why they call them reverts. Still very nice experiencing some top quality potent zoomrers

  5. Ryan Lough

    Had one of the best trips I’ve ever had on these guys. Very vivid with a clear peak and relaxing comedown.

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